Viking Pump

With more than 100 years of expertise, each Viking pump is uniquely designed for the task at hand, from simple solutions to the most advanced and demanding needs.

  • Internal Gear Pumps — Viking Pump invented the internal gear pumping principle, literally. These pumps are reliable and easy to maintain, have adjustable end clearance, shaft seal options, porting options and minimal pulsation. With one shaft seal and compact, close-coupled options, these pumps are the workhorses of countless manufacturing processes.
  • External Gear Pumps — The ultimate solution for high-pressure pumping, external gear pumps are multi-section pumps that have shaft support on both sides of the gears and offer shaft seal options, minimal pulsation, and are reliable and easy to maintain.
  • Rotary Vane Pumps — These pumps use compact and powerful pumping technology and provide higher pressure on thin liquids, superior suction lift, fast vane replacement, minimal pulsation, one shaft seal, ANSI or DIN compatible flange ports, and compact, close-coupled options.
  • Accessories — Viking Pump offers an array of pump accessories that help simplify installation and increase reliability. IPEG can install accessories on pumping systems.
  • Viking Pump Repair — Provided by IPEG, including repair parts, repair kits and full service pump repair.

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