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IPEG Offers One-Stop Shop for Motion Control Services


Motion Control Experts

When you have a motion control need, you don’t always have time to research the best solution. The experts at IPEG specialize in delivering the world-class products, service and support its customers need to address motion control challenges. This allows IPEG’s customers to focus on what they do best – running their business and serving their customers.

Extensive product inventory

IPEG’s product inventory includes a full lineup of motion control products from top manufacturers. From linear motion components, belts, variable speed drives, and motorized pulleys, IPEG offers a complete range of brand name motion control, bearings, fluid power, and mechanical power transmission products.

World-class vendors

IPEG’s emphasis on quality means that we carry only the best products from top manufacturers. Rexnord and Sumitomo are just a few of IPEG’s motion control mechanical vendors, and our bearing suppliers include Martin, Sealmaster and Link-Belt, among others. We’re proud to feature electrical vendors KB Electronics and LEESON, and our fluid power vendors include SMC and Triple R.

Experts ready and willing to serve you

Handling our clients motion control needs goes beyond product availability. Not only can IPEG offer the world-class products our clients need, but our team of experts, engineers and technicians are ready and willing to assist with all motion control requirements, including:

  • Engineering new systems
  • Upgrading old systems
  • Emergency repairs
  • Complete overhaul of the entire drive system
  • Repair and rebuild of gearbox and drive systems 

Smart service that fits your needs

For clients who need customized service around a specific issue, we are here to help. IPEG maintains an extensive gearbox inventory so our motion control sales specialists can offer immediate assistance.

IPEG’s power transmission customer programs help our clients reduce their maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) inventory. Our technical associates have the knowledge and expertise to sell and support all types of actuators, including pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, electromechanical and electrical.

Accurate repair service

IPEG’s motion control repair services promise that we will fix it right the first time, to factory specs or better. We also promise to fix it on time, on budget and offer solutions to avoid future repairs.

Are you looking for the right motion control solution? Contact our experts today and experience the difference IPEG can make for you!


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