Specialized Equipment Skids to Meet New NRC Directives

By Douglas Peterson

custom skid assembly

IPEG was chosen to supply specialized equipment and build custom equipment skids to help nuclear power stations in Missouri and Kansas meet new Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) directives, a result of the 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.

The Devastating Domino Effect

Many will never forget the traumatic tsunami that hit Fukushima, Japan, in March 2011. When the tsunami destroyed critical cooling systems at a nuclear power plant, it resulted in one of the worst nuclear disasters in history. Workers could not replace the systems fast enough to prevent three nuclear reactors from completely melting down.

The Necessary Precautions

After the massive nuclear meltdown, the NRC reviewed all of the nuclear plants in the United States to see if they could successfully respond to the same situation found in Fukushima. The NRC then directed all nuclear power plants to develop additional emergency plans and equipment to assist in a similar emergency situation.

Engineers developed specifications for a variety of equipment needed to facilitate their emergency plan. These specifications included vital cooling system equipment such as spent fuel pools, reactor heads and high-pressure auxiliary cooling systems.

The Critical Construction of Specialized Equipment

IPEG has been contracted to supply the specialized equipment and is currently building a variety of self-contained pumping trailers at its St. Louis facility. Once completed, each trailer system will undergo full operation and flow testing prior to delivering it to nuclear power stations in Missouri and Kansas.

The project is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2016.

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