IPEG’s Attention to Motion Control Solves Gearbox Issues

IPEG — a premier motion control supplier offering a complete lineup of brand-name motion control, bearings, fluid and mechanical power transmission products — works closely with leading gearbox manufacturers.

IPEG’s commitment to quality means that it carries only the best products from the top manufacturers, such as Sumitomo, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, a global leader in power transmission knowledge and innovation. Sumitomo’s product line includes three families of large gearboxes — Paramax®, Hansen P4, and SEISA products — that fit a wide range of industries and applications.

A Benchmark Gearbox

Paramax® drives are used in many different industries and are considered to be among the toughest and most reliable on the market. The internal components have been standardized in order to offer both short delivery times and high quality. Ideal for bucket elevators, an optional auxiliary inching drive is available to allow the elevators to run at reduced speeds for belt, chain and/or bucket inspection. Other benefits of this line include:

  • Anti-dust breather for protection from contaminants and longer operational life
  • Fully heat-treated and hardened alloy shafts for rugged environments
  • Split housings for easy maintenance
  • Large inspection port for simple and thorough gear inspections

A Vertical Powerhouse

The Hansen P4 multi-stage gear units are market leaders in quality and technology because of their reliability and durability. The Hansen P4 line is perfect for applications requiring small reduction ratios, such as paper machines, pumps and compressors. In addition to its robust design and low noise level, this line also offers:

  • Dedicated housings for horizontal and vertical applications
  • Large oil capacity to maximize reliability and life
  • Wide bearing span for stronger vertical applications

Large Industrial Gearboxes

Sumitomo’s SEISA gearboxes are ideal for severe applications in a variety of industries. Iron and steel production, drainage pumps, and chemical, textile and food machinery can all benefit from a SEISA gearbox. In addition to its power and flexibility, this line also offers other advantages:

  • Parallel and right-angle shaft configurations
  • Drives that use the rugged power of spiral bevel and helical gearing components
  • Multiple sizes

A Full-Services Motion Control Provider

IPEG’s expertise goes beyond providing product and extends to assisting with all motion control requirements, including:

  • Engineering new systems
  • Upgrading old systems
  • Making emergency repairs
  • Overhauling an entire drive system
  • Repairing and rebuilding gearboxes and drive systems

If you are searching for the right motion control and gearbox answer, contact the experts at IPEG today and experience the difference IPEG can make for you.

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