IPEG is a Midwest filtration distributor that carries a variety of filtration products including industrial strainers, chamber bag and cartridge filters and mixers. We supply products from the industry’s top vendors, including Rosedale, Viking, Eaton, Mixmor and Mueller Steam Specialty.

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Industrial | Commercial | Sanitary | Municipal

Industrial Filters

  • Viking and Eaton

    Pipeline, Automatic, In-Line Basket and Duplex Strainers
    Viking filter, Eaton filtration

  • Rosedale

    Single and Multiple Chamber Filters
    Rosedale filter and chamber filter

Commercial Filters

Sanitary Filters

  • Rosedale

    Filtration and Straining Vessels
    Rosedale filtration vessels

Municipal Filters

  • Rosedale

    Single and Multiple Chamber Bag and Cartridge Filter Vessels
    Filtration company

We provide custom fabrication and skid assembly to create a one-of-a-kind solution for your specific needs. We take care of our customers beyond the sale, providing you with the technical support and repair services you require to extend the life of your pump and process equipment.

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