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Industrial pumps and process equipment have made great technological advances in the 21st century and have helped manufacturers improve efficiency. However, when pumps, fans, blowers, or gearboxes fail or don’t function properly, it can cause unnecessary downtime and a loss of profits. The best manufacturers know that they need a trusted industrial-equipment partner that can provide complete, professional equipment repair and maintenance services — long after a sale.

IPEG’s service technicians and field sales engineers are factory-trained to repair and maintain all of your process equipment.

The Repair Process

IPEG’s experienced technicians begin with a thorough inspection, combing through each phase of the equipment and meticulously searching for the root cause of the problem. IPEG can also come on site to assess the situation, perform the repair and avoid shipping costs and extended downtime. The field service support team has the latest equipment and training available to quickly specify, install, troubleshoot, maintain, test and calibrate industrial equipment systems.

If the breakdown is too severe, IPEG will ship and repair the defective equipment to one of its three convenient equipment and pump repair shops.

Specialized Equipment and Knowledge

IPEG equipment and pump repair shops are outfitted with extensive fabrication machine shop capabilities, the latest parts and testing equipment, and the most experienced engineers and support staff in the industry. Process equipment isn’t just repaired; it’s restored to factory tolerances. Re-machining or replacing parts is common at this stage of repairs. IPEG is a specialist in producing high-quality fabricated components to meet the requirements and specifications of the OEM.

With equipment and pump repair shops in St. Louis, Mo., Decatur, Ill., and Calvert City, Ky., IPEG also has a fully stocked warehouse full of a wide selection of original equipment manufacturer parts and equipment. After all repairs, IPEG puts equipment through a testing phase. We take full system and mechanical responsibility for the equipment and repairs, assuring customers that each piece of equipment works correctly and efficiently.

IPEG can perform the following to keep production flowing and equipment maintained and running:

  • Industrial equipment maintenance
  • All types of pump repair
  • Gearbox repair
  • Submersible pump repair
  • Mechanical seal repair
  • AOD pump repair
  • Valve repair
  • Blower repair
  • Vacuum pump repair

In addition to equipment repair, IPEG also performs contractual maintenance, laser alignment and installation of equipment and complete turnkey skid packages.

Trusted Repair Services Now

At IPEG, the engineers and highly trained technicians and support staff are available to provide technical support to customers — 24/7. With experienced and highly trained technicians, original equipment manufactured parts, the ability to custom fabricate and machine components, and the latest testing and calibration equipment, IPEG is a repair and maintenance leader that enables you to increase uptime, reduce maintenance cost and lead times, gain total process control and maximize equipment performance. When you want to keep production moving and your equipment in pristine condition, contact IPEG for total repair and maintenance service.

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