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SMC Pneumatics – A Myriad of Choices for Endless Applications

SMC Pneumatics, a jewel in IPEG’s crown of vendors, is the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic automation products, offering more than 8,900 products with more than 520,000 variations!

IPEG answers the need for cylinder, actuator, valve and vacuum solutions, with a variety of SMC products, including actuators, fittings, tubing, vacuums, valves and more!

Directional Control Valves

SMC directional control valves feature high-flow capacities, compact design, low-power consumption, high-speed response, long life and a clean, aesthetic design. The solenoid valves are used exclusively in the semi-conductor, automotive, packaging, medical, specialty machine and machine tool industries. SMC also offers a variety of valve manifold options, including:

  • One-touch fittings
  • Prewired electric connections
  • Serial interface for simple installation, maintenance and control

SMC Directional Control Valve types include:

  • Three types of solenoid valves
  • ISO valves
  • Mechanical / hand valves
  • Air operated valves

Fluid Process Valves

The standard design and dimensions of SMC’s fluid process valves make them perfect for simple replacements. The unique construction of the direct-operated, two-port solenoid valves feature improves durability and doubles their service life.

The unique solenoid and air-operated fluid process valves are suitable for a variety of applications and industries, such as:

  • General purpose air and water
  • Oil and high temperature oil
  • Steam and heated water
  • Chemical and pure water
  • Coolant
  • Dust collection

No matter the need, no matter the industry, the countless options offered with SMC’s Pneumatic valves guarantee a perfect fit. SMC Pneumatic valves can be altered to meet your specific application.

To learn more about SMC Pneumatic valves, along with other products and capabilities, contact the IPEG team today.


Viking Pumps

Viking unit repair after

Viking Pumps, IPEG’s featured vendor, is the global leader in positive displacement pumping solutions. With more than 100 years in the industry, Viking Pumps are experts in industrial pump applications and products. Offering superior quality products, customer solutions and support and endless customization options, Viking Pumps are found across all seven continents and in more than 200 countries across the globe.

Each Viking pump is uniquely designed for the task at hand, from simple solutions to the most advanced and demanding needs. Vertically integrated and able to create from concept to final product. Viking Pump is the one source for pumps, accessories, parts, service and support.

Viking Pumps Specialize in:

The Workhorse of Countless Manufacturing Processes

The internal gear pumping principle was invented by Jens Nielsen, one of the founders of Viking Pump. It uses two rotating gears which un-mesh at the suction side of the pump to create a vacuum which pulls fluid into the pump. The spaces between the gear teeth transport the fluid on either side of a crescent to the discharge side, and then the gears re-mesh to discharge the fluid.

The Ultimate Solution for High Pressure Pumping

The external gear pumping principle uses two rotating gears which unmesh at the suction side of the pump to create a vacuum which pulls fluid into the pump. The spaces between the gear teeth transport the fluid along the outer perimeter of the housing to the discharge side, and then the gears re-mesh at the center to discharge the fluid. The gears are supported by bearings on both sides, which allows high discharge pressure capabilities.

Compact and Powerful Pumping Technology

Vane pumps are used for liquid transfer applications from chemicals to liquefied gases. Vanes extend from slots in the rotor, sweeping liquid through a cam-shaped cavity. The vanes provide very low slip and high volumetric efficiency.

For more information on Viking Pumps or their products, contact an IPEG expert today.


Advancing Safety: Rupture Discs for Sanitary Applications

If you’re in the pharmaceutical, biotech or food and beverage industry, you know the importance of protecting your equipment, vessels and systems from overpressurization. In many cases, a rupture disc is the most advantageous of pressure relief devices. It’s precise, leak tight and cost effective.

There are many types of rupture discs, and facilities operating with sanitary and hygienic applications must find rupture discs that are manufactured in accordance with specific codes, standards and approvals. The SANITRX HPX product family from Continental Disc Corporation is one of the most advanced lines of rupture discs available. It has a proven performance in excess of five million cycles, operating up to 95% of burst pressure.

SANITRX HPX Rupture Discs

The features of the SANITRX HPX and SANITRX HPX II rupture discs result in reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs and increased productivity in your facility:

  • Tested for compressible or incompressible relief conditions as required by your application
  • Ideal for liquid or gas/vapor applications
  • Available with a horizontal tag option
  • Optional fluoropolymer coating
  • Electropolished surface finishes available


The SANITRX HPX and SANITRX HPX II are available in a wide range of sanitary and hygienic applications, including:

  • Autoclaves
  • Bioreactors
  • Clean steam piping
  • Process vessels
  • Heat exchangers
  • Filters
  • Storage and transport vessels
  • Mixing, drying, granulating equipment
  • WFI vessels and piping
  • Lyophilizers (freeze drying)
  • CIP and SIP skids and piping
  • Fermenters

The HPX Rupture Disc Product Family brochure from Continental Disc Corporation discusses the advanced sanitary rupture discs in detail.

rupture discs

Contact the IPEG experts for all of your pressure relief system questions and needs.



Wilden® Launches New and Improved Parts Kit Program


Wilden®, a leader in air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump technology, excitedly announced the launch of a new parts kit program designed to speed delivery, lower costs and simplify ordering of genuine Wilden® parts.

Using feedback from its channel partners, Wilden® developed the new parts kit program to provide customers with a simplified, lower cost solution for repairing Wilden® AODD pumps. The new repair kits are up to 40% less expensive and feature faster delivery times compared to previous repair kits. The new kits are also designed to eliminate part duplication, which will reduce waste and greatly simplify the repair process.

Available in either a Wet Kit or Air Kit, the new Wilden® repair kits can be applied to many different pump models. Kit variations have been reduced by 60%, which means the new kits will simplify ordering and substantially reduce the number of kits required to cover Wilden® products.

Read the full press release from Wilden® at

Learn more by contacting an IPEG sales engineer and discover how Wilden®’s new parts kit program can speed delivery, lower costs, reduce waste and simplify ordering for your Wilden® AODD pumps.

Clean in Place (CIP) Vs. Clean Out of Place (COP) Sanitary PD Pumps

By Phil Hall

There are many levels of “cleanliness” with regard to the sanitary pump market, and the requirements to achieve these levels and certifications vary.  Making the correct decision on which pump technology best fits an application requires some basic information, such as:

  • Fluid (product pumped)
  • Cleaning Process
  • Hygienic Requirements

Wright Flow Technologies offers three pump models to cover various hygienic levels.  These models are: TRA10, TRA20 and Revolution.


The TRA10 series pump is designed for easy strip cleaning out of place (COP).  The pump can be offered with O-ring or mechanical seals (both single and double).  Pumps that are normally stripped down for cleaning on a regular basis typically use simple, inexpensive O-ring seals.


The TRA20 series pump is designed with an optional clean-in-place feature (CIP).  The pump includes rotor retainers that use O-rings in conjunction with the rotors to ensure CIP-ability.  This feature, along with optional porting, allows vigorous flushing throughout all internal chambers.


The Revolution series pump is designed for CIP service.  The pump enables self-draining through enhanced rotor case geometry, minimizing the risk of contamination.  The enhanced front cover eliminates dead zones.  The rotor design also improves liquid access to the seal and eliminates dead legs present in less hygienic products.

IPEG can assist you during the selection process for your specific sanitary pump application.  We can also provide information on the newest technologies and product enhancements.  Contact your local IPEG account manager for more details about our sanitary equipment product offerings.