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Wilden® Launches New and Improved Parts Kit Program


Wilden®, a leader in air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump technology, excitedly announced the launch of a new parts kit program designed to speed delivery, lower costs and simplify ordering of genuine Wilden® parts.

Using feedback from its channel partners, Wilden® developed the new parts kit program to provide customers with a simplified, lower cost solution for repairing Wilden® AODD pumps. The new repair kits are up to 40% less expensive and feature faster delivery times compared to previous repair kits. The new kits are also designed to eliminate part duplication, which will reduce waste and greatly simplify the repair process.

Available in either a Wet Kit or Air Kit, the new Wilden® repair kits can be applied to many different pump models. Kit variations have been reduced by 60%, which means the new kits will simplify ordering and substantially reduce the number of kits required to cover Wilden® products.

Read the full press release from Wilden® at

Learn more by contacting an IPEG sales engineer and discover how Wilden®’s new parts kit program can speed delivery, lower costs, reduce waste and simplify ordering for your Wilden® AODD pumps.

Clean in Place (CIP) Vs. Clean Out of Place (COP) Sanitary PD Pumps

By Phil Hall

There are many levels of “cleanliness” with regard to the sanitary pump market, and the requirements to achieve these levels and certifications vary.  Making the correct decision on which pump technology best fits an application requires some basic information, such as:

  • Fluid (product pumped)
  • Cleaning Process
  • Hygienic Requirements

Wright Flow Technologies offers three pump models to cover various hygienic levels.  These models are: TRA10, TRA20 and Revolution.


The TRA10 series pump is designed for easy strip cleaning out of place (COP).  The pump can be offered with O-ring or mechanical seals (both single and double).  Pumps that are normally stripped down for cleaning on a regular basis typically use simple, inexpensive O-ring seals.


The TRA20 series pump is designed with an optional clean-in-place feature (CIP).  The pump includes rotor retainers that use O-rings in conjunction with the rotors to ensure CIP-ability.  This feature, along with optional porting, allows vigorous flushing throughout all internal chambers.


The Revolution series pump is designed for CIP service.  The pump enables self-draining through enhanced rotor case geometry, minimizing the risk of contamination.  The enhanced front cover eliminates dead zones.  The rotor design also improves liquid access to the seal and eliminates dead legs present in less hygienic products.

IPEG can assist you during the selection process for your specific sanitary pump application.  We can also provide information on the newest technologies and product enhancements.  Contact your local IPEG account manager for more details about our sanitary equipment product offerings.