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IPEG, Furey Filter & Pump Are Your One-Stop Shop for System Fabrication

We take service to a new level! As one of the top industrial fluid handling, pump distributors and system fabricators in the United States, IPEG and Furey Filter & Pump are the resource of choice for all major pump manufacturers and other fluid handling equipment. Our fabrication work offers manufacturers the reliability of a world-class, respected company with local accessibility. Rest assured knowing that when you trust your fabrication work to us, you are receiving custom system fabrication offerings that can be used in a broad variety of industries and will stand the test of time.

System Fabrication Made Simple!

IPEG as well as Furey Filter & Pump provide a convenient solution for system fabrication that includes consultation, engineering, procurement, commission and service. Additionally, our system fabrication services can be used in a variety of markets, such as utilities and power generation, oil, gas and ethanol production, water and wastewater resources, industrial manufacturing support, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and more.

High-Quality Custom Fabrication

Starting with your unique specifications, we create CAD drawings in-house, purchase parts and assemble your skid all underneath one roof. Our one order full system purchasing process includes pumps, valves, filters, motors and much more, and we assume full responsibility for the system and mechanical components on the skid to ensure that each component works correctly and operates at high efficiency. The result? High-quality custom fabrication that meets your exact needs.

Fabrication Services for a Wide Variety of Industry Applications

Our system fabrication services have a range of uses, including the following:

  • General Service Pump Skids
  • Advanced Pump Systems
  • Air Modules
  • Seal Flush Systems & Reservoirs
  • Bag or Cartridge Filtration Systems (Duplex, Triplex & Beyond
  • Custom Filtration Components
  • CNC High Pressure Coolant Filtration System
  • High Pressure Wash Stations
  • Rail Car Unloading
  • Chemical Feed & Metering Systems
  • Gear Reducer Cooling and Filtering
  • Fuel Oil Unloading Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Positive Displacement Blower Packages
  • Reverse Engineering Obsolete Products

Benefit From Modular System Design

Modular system design in system fabrication has proven to have a variety of benefits for manufacturers, such as minimizing risk and labor, and lowering overall on-site installation costs. Also, engineering time is reduced and done more efficiently in shop. Additional benefits of modular system design include:

  • One Contract with Single Source Responsibility
  • Warranties Are Tied to One Purchase Order
  • Consolidation of Submittals
  • Eliminates Pipe Stress
  • Pre-Aligned
  • Better Quality Control (Surface Prep & Coating)
  • Pre-Shipment Customer Checkout
  • Easy Hookup with Single Connection for Inlet, Outlet & Electrical

Our Unique Fabrication Process

Our fabrication services begin with an application analysis to guarantee cost-effective, expert system design. Additionally, we provide manufacturers with complete support throughout the process, from preliminary concept to commissioning. We adhere to hydraulic institute principles, and have certified pipe welders in carbon steel, 304 SS and 316 SS and hastelloy c., as well as certified structural welding for carbon steel and stainless steel.

Fabrication Equipment

Top-of-the-line fabrication equipment ensures we can always get the job done. Equipment includes:

  • 60,000 ft2 of Shop Floor
  • (2) 20-Ton Overhead Crane
  • (3) 10-Ton Overhead Crane
  • (1) 1-Ton Overhead Crane
  • Multiple Jib Cranes
  • 3 PipeWorx Welders, MIG Welding, TIG Welders and ARC Welders
  • 16′ x 30′ x 14’ Abrasive Blast Booth
  • 14′ x 20′ Paint Booth
  • High Pressure Cooling System

Schedule a Consultation Today!

If you are interested in our fabrication services, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation. We always incorporate customer feedback into our entire design process, and inform customers of any areas where they can improve cost savings. Should any issues arise, our local, factory-authorized service centers provide a variety of testing options to immediately get to the root of the problem. Discover why we are a leader in the fluid handling and system fabrication industry, and contact us for all of your fabrication needs!

Your Production Never Stops When You Use IPEG’s Repairable Asset Management (RAM) Program

The IPEG Repairable Asset Management program is a complete repair process for your equipment. IPEG covers every detail, documents it, and keeps you informed every step of the way. Whether you’re using our repair centers, or our field repair services, or we are doing scheduled contract maintenance, IPEG helps you maximize equipment performance, reduce maintenance costs, increase equipment reliability and, more importantly, decrease costly downtime. You stay focused on your production, and we manage the rest. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Assess repair needs and customization of service desired.

Step 2: Obtain part/equipment via pick-up or shipping

Step 3: Receive part/equipment: identify by manufacturer serial number or generate a bar code for tracking

Step 4: Evaluate and test part/equipment, document malfunction issue and quote repair

Step 5: Quote to customer and get approval for repair order

Step 6: Repair part/equipment and document work performed

Step 7: Quality control and testing of part/equipment

Step 8: Return asset to customer with warranty tag

Step 9: Customer receives part, inventories it, and returns warranty tag

Complete Data and Information Management

As part of the OTP family of companies, we use custom-built Pathways software to manage every detail, document every step and keep customers informed throughout the repair process and even beyond when the part goes into service and the warranty expires. This way, you can focus on other production matters. With our specialized software we can provide our customers with the data they need to determine the value of equipment or part replacement in comparison to repair. With IPEG’s Repairable Asset Management Program, we get to the root of the problem and manage what is needed to keep your equipment and production running smoothly.

The Benefits of RAM Add Up

Why turn to IPEG’s Repairable Asset Management Program for all your maintenance and repair needs? We’ve got nine reasons why:

  1. Documented Cost Savings
  2. Plant Reliability Studies
  3. Technical Support
  4. Complete Repair Program for all Repairable Assets
  5. Engineering and Design
  6. CNC Machining and Welding
  7. Field Service
  8. Emergency Service 24/7

Repairs For All Your Equipment

IPEG offers a full spectrum of repair capabilities including pumps and seals; vacuum and blowers and other rotating equipment; fabrication and field service; power transmission and fluid power; finishing, dispense and engineered systems; and electrical, robotics, automation and safety equipment.

Because we are part of OTP family of companies, the largest industrial distributor in the country, IPEG and its affiliated companies are certified repair centers for most major manufacturers and numerous specialty manufacturers.

Additional certifications and memberships:

  • UL listed
  • AMP certified
  • ISN certified contractor
  • Lean Six Sigma certified
  • EASA
  • IEEE
  • ASME
  • NQA-1
  • API
  • MSHA
  • ANSI
  • Hydraulic Institute for System Assessments (HISA)

Safety is Always First

At IPEG, safety is our highest priority. All our plants, facilities and offices follow rigorous standards for safety procedures and protocols to ensure safe working environments and safe handling of all equipment.

The IPEG Repair Promise

We Fix It On Time

We Fix It On Budget

We Look for Root Cause

We Fix It Right the First Time

We Rebuild Equipment to Factory Specifications, Industry Standards or Better!

We Don’t Just Fix What Is Broken. We Look at Entire System/Package

We Make Solid Recommendations on Improving Equipment/System Performance or Life

We Help Reduce Unplanned Downtime

We Increase Mean Time between Repair

Put IPEG’s Repairable Asset Management Program to work for your facility.

Request a quote

Comprehensive Equipment Repair Services 24/7

pumps repair

Industrial pumps and process equipment have made great technological advances in the 21st century and have helped manufacturers improve efficiency. However, when pumps, fans, blowers, or gearboxes fail or don’t function properly, it can cause unnecessary downtime and a loss of profits. The best manufacturers know that they need a trusted industrial-equipment partner that can provide complete, professional equipment repair and maintenance services — long after a sale.

IPEG’s service technicians and field sales engineers are factory-trained to repair and maintain all of your process equipment.

The Repair Process

IPEG’s experienced technicians begin with a thorough inspection, combing through each phase of the equipment and meticulously searching for the root cause of the problem. IPEG can also come on site to assess the situation, perform the repair and avoid shipping costs and extended downtime. The field service support team has the latest equipment and training available to quickly specify, install, troubleshoot, maintain, test and calibrate industrial equipment systems.

If the breakdown is too severe, IPEG will ship and repair the defective equipment to one of its three convenient equipment and pump repair shops.

Specialized Equipment and Knowledge

IPEG equipment and pump repair shops are outfitted with extensive fabrication machine shop capabilities, the latest parts and testing equipment, and the most experienced engineers and support staff in the industry. Process equipment isn’t just repaired; it’s restored to factory tolerances. Re-machining or replacing parts is common at this stage of repairs. IPEG is a specialist in producing high-quality fabricated components to meet the requirements and specifications of the OEM.

With equipment and pump repair shops in St. Louis, Mo., Decatur, Ill., and Calvert City, Ky., IPEG also has a fully stocked warehouse full of a wide selection of original equipment manufacturer parts and equipment. After all repairs, IPEG puts equipment through a testing phase. We take full system and mechanical responsibility for the equipment and repairs, assuring customers that each piece of equipment works correctly and efficiently.

IPEG can perform the following to keep production flowing and equipment maintained and running:

  • Industrial equipment maintenance
  • All types of pump repair
  • Gearbox repair
  • Submersible pump repair
  • Mechanical seal repair
  • AOD pump repair
  • Valve repair
  • Blower repair
  • Vacuum pump repair

In addition to equipment repair, IPEG also performs contractual maintenance, laser alignment and installation of equipment and complete turnkey skid packages.

Trusted Repair Services Now

At IPEG, the engineers and highly trained technicians and support staff are available to provide technical support to customers — 24/7. With experienced and highly trained technicians, original equipment manufactured parts, the ability to custom fabricate and machine components, and the latest testing and calibration equipment, IPEG is a repair and maintenance leader that enables you to increase uptime, reduce maintenance cost and lead times, gain total process control and maximize equipment performance. When you want to keep production moving and your equipment in pristine condition, contact IPEG for total repair and maintenance service.

Save Time and Money with IPEG Repair Services

IPEG repair servicesDon’t spend another second worrying about equipment failures — get total peace of mind with IPEG repair services. IPEG has a staff of factory-trained technicians available 24/7 to maximize the performance of your pumps, valves, blowers, seals and other process equipment, ultimately saving you both time and money. IPEG’s experienced technicians have helped customers increase uptime, reduce production interruptions, maintenance cost and lead times, and gain total process control with maximum equipment performance.

Conveniently Located Full-Service Repair Centers

Our three factory-authorized service centers located in Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky provide customers with several convenient options whether fabrication, rebalancing, laser alignment or simple annual maintenance work is needed.

Our experienced technicians carefully inspect each phase of the repair process to maximize control. We repair equipment back to factory specifications. At IPEG, we have the in-house capabilities to provide the machining, assembly, balancing, painting and testing phases on large and small projects. Before any piece of equipment leaves our shop, it undergoes thorough testing to meet our customers’ needs.

Expert Field Service Support

IPEG’s maintenance teams also provide field service support for all equipment supplied for repair, including testing, calibration and system analysis. Our technicians are prepared with the latest equipment and training to correctly specify, install, troubleshoot and maintain liquid or air process systems.

Quality Parts

IPEG’s warehouse is fully stocked with a wide selection of parts and equipment available to satisfy temperature, chemical compatibility, abrasion and longevity concerns. Because we use genuine spare parts, our customers’ products continue to work at optimum efficiency, maintain performance, have a longer life and avoid expensive unplanned downtime.

At IPEG, we pride ourselves on our long-lasting relationships with our customers. Let us provide you with ongoing technical expertise, product support, custom fabrication and repair services. Contact us today and let us know how we can serve you!


Featured Vendor: Wilden® Pump & Engineering Company, LLC

Wilden® Pump & Engineering Company, LLC is a market leader in Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pumps and offers a wide range of solutions for various chemical, utility, food, beverage, dairy, personal care and biopharmaceutical applications.

With more than 60 years in the industry, Wilden has the unique ability to solve tough pumping applications and increase efficiency with the most cost-effective, energy-efficient AODD pumps possible.

State-of-the-art Air Distribution Systems

The innovative, yet simple, Pro-Flo® SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS) features an “air control spool” that automatically optimizes air consumption and eliminates overcharging of the air chamber with no reduction in flow rate. The Pro-Flo® SHIFT’s evolutionary ADS design meters the air flow, allowing for just enough air to keep the pumping process operational.

Sanitary and Hygienic SanifloTM AODD Pumps

The Saniflo™ pump line is specifically designed to meet the strict guidelines established for sanitary and hygienic process applications. Wilden Saniflo solutions incorporate a full suite of products, like cast stainless steel pumps made of FDA-grade materials and finished with a high polish.

Comprehensive Equipment Repair Services

At IPEG, we’ll take care of your Wilden equipment far beyond the sale. Known for our extensive and comprehensive industrial repair services, our factory-trained service technicians provide industrial equipment and industrial pump repair service. In addition to equipment repair, we also perform contractual maintenance, pump inspection, laser alignment and installation of equipment.

For more information on Wilden or their products, contact an IPEG expert today.


IPEG Positioned as One of John Crane’s Elite Authorized Service Centers in U.S.


IPEG has a long history with John Crane as an authorized distributor. Now, with the closing of John Crane’s St. Louis service center site, IPEG has acquired the right as one of the few authorized service centers for mechanical seal manufacturers in the country.

As of January 2016, working with John Crane, a complete seal repair room was constructed in-house at IPEG’s St. Louis location on Hazelwood Avenue. Now, rather than collecting and transporting seals to the John Crane location for repair, the whole process is handled completely in-house at IPEG.

Our new repair center boasts specialized equipment from John Crane, along with the hiring of one of John Crane’s former seal technicians.

The new designation as an authorized repair center, as well as an authorized John Crane distributor, allows a more comprehensive service for our seal customers. IPEG’s expert repair team is prepared to handle a variety of seal repairs, including:

  • 20” component seals
  • 20” cartridge seals
  • Seal polishing
  • Face lapping
  • Seal fixture testing

As an authorized John Crane repair facility, customers in Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky can now expect a quicker, more efficient turnaround of their mechanical seal repairs. Repairing seals locally provides customers the opportunity to personally come in for the inspection, more effectively identifying the issues of the initial problem or failure. Now that seals can be repaired in the pump, a more comprehensive pump repair is also possible.

Comprehensive Repair Services
Service doesn’t stop with the sale. Known for our extensive and comprehensive industrial repair services, we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers, even after the sale. As one of the top pump repair companies in the region, it is our highest priority to help customers maintain their industrial products, parts and equipment.

Our expert service technicians are trained to handle a variety of repairs, including:

  • Centrifugal pump repair
  • Positive displacement pump repair
  • Blower repairs
  • Hydraulic pump repair
  • Industrial equipment maintenance
  • And much, much more

To learn more about our new seal repair capabilities, contact a member of IPEG’s expert service team today.


4 Signs of a Good Industrial Repair Service Center

industrial repair service center

Pumps and process equipment have helped manufacturers dramatically improve efficiency and increase their bottom lines. But when equipment fails or is not functioning properly, it has a negative impact on a manufacturer’s profit and reputation.

The best manufacturers have a trustworthy industrial-equipment partner who provides ongoing technical expertise, repair services, product support and custom fabrication. With professional service technicians and a comprehensive maintenance plan, manufacturers can prevent downtime and poor-quality end product—and save thousands of dollars.

When looking for an industrial repair service center, manufacturers should look for the following four characteristics:

#1 Expert Knowledge

Make certain the service center uses factory-trained service technicians who can repair and maintain your products, parts and equipment throughout the product lifetime. The company should offer factory-authorized warranties, repair estimates, field repairs and on-site maintenance work. In addition to equipment repair, the service provider should also perform contractual maintenance, laser alignment and equipment installation.

#2 Complete Equipment Diagnosis

It’s important that an industrial-equipment provider employs service technicians and field sales engineers who are trained to diagnose equipment problems and help resolve issues. This allows them to provide helpful and accurate technical support. Many service technicians offer Band-Aid solutions that don’t fix the root of the problem. A good service technician will carefully inspect each phase of the process to maximize quality control and fix the problem right the first time.

#3 Product Support

For a quick turnaround, a service provider should keep a large inventory of parts and equipment available to satisfy temperature, chemical compatibility, abrasion and longevity concerns. This eliminates the need to order parts and wait for shipping. When a manufacturer has genuine spare parts, its products continue to work at optimum efficiency, maintain performance, have a longer life and avoid expensive unplanned downtime. It’s even better if the repair shop offers custom parts manufacturing and can produce high-quality fabricated parts to meet customers’ requirements.

#4 Field Support

For complete peace of mind, a repair shop should provide field-service support for all equipment supplied for repair, including testing, calibration and system analysis. The technicians should be prepared with the latest equipment and training to correctly specify, install, troubleshoot and maintain your liquid or air process system.

At IPEG, our engineers and support staff are among the most experienced in the industry and provide helpful and accurate technical support—available to you 24/7. Increase up-time, reduce your maintenance cost and lead times, and gain total process control and maximum equipment performance.

Contact the IPEG experts today!


Bearing Failure Due to Excessive Lubrication

By Kevin O’Brien

prevent bearing failure

The number one reason for bearing failure is excessive lubrication. The grease gun can be a greater enemy than one might think. Greasing bearings is necessary to maintain bearing life. Lubrication minimizes friction between contact surfaces, protects against corrosion and the entry of foreign matter, and dissipates heat from the bearing. However, maintenance personnel often apply too much grease. The misuse of the grease gun can cause premature failure of the bearing and cancel out any benefits the grease had in protecting the bearing.

Grease Gun Pressure and Bearing Seal Failure

A grease gun has an average rating of 6,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). This can go up to as high as 15,000 PSI. Bearing seals fail around 500 PSI. Many service technicians often “go by feel,” but with an extreme difference between the grease gun pressure and the bearing’s seal failure, the damage may occur before they “feel” anything.

Once the seals are purged, the bearing is prone to contamination. Moisture and other debris can enter the bearing, corroding the bearing surfaces. Any grease that was purged from the bearing will be drawn back into the bearing after it cools, bringing outside contaminants with it.

Heat Buildup

Over greasing also causes heat buildup in the bearing. This occurs because there is nowhere for the heat to dissipate. A “full” bearing will hold a higher temperature than a properly filled one. Also, if a bearing is hot to the touch, it is not necessarily overheating and in need of more grease. The heat—along with the internal churning of the bearing—will force the grease to the outside of the bearing. The grease will then break down and harden, blocking any future grease from getting to the contact surfaces, working against the main function of minimizing friction between contact surfaces.

Expert Solutions

One solution to this problem is to determine how much grease is expelled with every pump of the grease gun. A service technician can measure the number of ounces of grease that are expelled per pump with a scale. Every grease gun varies.

A second solution is to look at automatic lubricators, which are made to the bearing manufacturer’s specifications. Automatic lubricators distribute a measured amount of grease to the bearing at a timed interval. Maintenance personnel only need to determine the interval at which the lubricator empties itself. They then change the lubricator once it empties.

Benefits of a Proper Greasing Schedule

Following a proper greasing schedule can not only save the company money but also free up time that could be better spent by the maintenance personnel. Bearing manufacturers publish lubrication charts for their products, and most are willing to train staff on the proper lubrication practices.

For more information or help with bearing failure, contact the power transmission and motion control experts at IPEG.



Specialized Equipment Skids to Meet New NRC Directives

By Douglas Peterson

custom skid assembly

IPEG was chosen to supply specialized equipment and build custom equipment skids to help nuclear power stations in Missouri and Kansas meet new Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) directives, a result of the 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.

The Devastating Domino Effect

Many will never forget the traumatic tsunami that hit Fukushima, Japan, in March 2011. When the tsunami destroyed critical cooling systems at a nuclear power plant, it resulted in one of the worst nuclear disasters in history. Workers could not replace the systems fast enough to prevent three nuclear reactors from completely melting down.

The Necessary Precautions

After the massive nuclear meltdown, the NRC reviewed all of the nuclear plants in the United States to see if they could successfully respond to the same situation found in Fukushima. The NRC then directed all nuclear power plants to develop additional emergency plans and equipment to assist in a similar emergency situation.

Engineers developed specifications for a variety of equipment needed to facilitate their emergency plan. These specifications included vital cooling system equipment such as spent fuel pools, reactor heads and high-pressure auxiliary cooling systems.

The Critical Construction of Specialized Equipment

IPEG has been contracted to supply the specialized equipment and is currently building a variety of self-contained pumping trailers at its St. Louis facility. Once completed, each trailer system will undergo full operation and flow testing prior to delivering it to nuclear power stations in Missouri and Kansas.

The project is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2016.

If your operation is in need of custom skid assembly or specialized processing equipment, contact the IPEG experts today.



Pump Repair: In-House Vs. Sending Out

By Bob Lang

In today’s economic climate, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs and/or improve efficiencies—whether it’s buying a car with better gas mileage to save on fuel spending or replacing leaky windows in your home to improve energy efficiency and save electricity. Call it being “green” if you like. It’s no different in today’s industrial plants. Companies want to run their equipment more efficiently and save money on energy costs. One great way to do this is to consider sending your rotating equipment to an outside vendor for pump repair.

Today’s industrial plants may run into many hurdles while repairing equipment in-house. These hurdles make it difficult to repair equipment to A-1 condition. Problems may include:

  1. Lack of Personnel. Cut backs on maintenance professionals don’t allow plants to devote as much time to equipment repair as they would like.
  2. Lack of Precision Tools. Many plants today lack the necessary tools needed to complete a precision repair.
  3. Lack of Time. This corresponds to number one above as well as inventory issues. When equipment goes down, many plants don’t have the time needed for precision repair.

Sending equipment for repair to an outside vendor allows companies to avoid most of the hurdles mentioned above. First and foremost, many vendors have an extensive inventory system while many plants don’t have the proper in-line spares or shelf spares needed for pump repairs. Outside repair shops also provide the following benefits for today’s industrial plant:

  1. Precision Maintenance. The time needed to make all necessary measurements and make sure all fit, form and function meets OEM requirements.
  2. OEM Information. OEM-approved repair shops have access to all necessary information needed to complete a precision repair.
  3. Impeller Balancing. Most plants these days do not have balance machines. Balancing an impeller is vital to the life of a repaired pump.
  4. Peace of Mind. Knowing, when you receive a pump back from a repair shot, it is in the best possible condition, ready to install, and ready for a long life.
  5. Quick Turnaround. Outside vendors can respond to any repair timetable necessary.

IPEG, a division of OTP Industrial Solutions, is just one of those repair houses. With full-service repair shops in all three of our locations, St. Louis, MO, Calvert City, KY, and Decatur, IL, we are ready to respond to your equipment repair needs. With highly-trained technicians and the tools to complete the job, we provide a very cost-effective way to improve your equipment’s efficiency and mean time between failure. Please feel free to contact one of our offices or your IPEG Account Manager, we are ready to exceed your expectations.