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Ohio Transmission Corp. acquires Wisconsin, Minnesota companies

Acquisition of Furey Filter & Pump and PSI Engineering enhances pump, filtration, service and fabrication business

COLUMBUS, Ohio — June 18, 2019 — Ohio Transmission Corporation, an industrial equipment service provider and distributor headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, today announced the acquisition of Furey Filter & Pump and its subsidiary, PSI Engineering, two companies that together have 65 employees in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Founded in 1956, Furey Filter & Pump, based in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin suburb of Germantown, has established itself as a premier resource for pumps, filtration, service and full-system engineering and fabrication, including certified welding capabilities. PSI Engineering, which was founded as Pumps & Supplies Inc., in 1974, was renamed after Furey Filter & Pump acquired the company in 2004. PSI, headquartered in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area, is an industrial equipment distributor for pumps, filters, mechanical seals and valves, and the company offers a full range of services to meet any repair of fluid-handling equipment.

“I am pleased to announce that OTC has acquired Furey Filter & Pump and their PSI Engineering division,” said Philip Derrow, President and CEO of Ohio Transmission Corp. “We are humbled to provide a great new home for the Furey and PSI associates.”

“Furey Filter & Pump and PSI Engineering have been well-respected solutions providers in their markets for several decades,” said Matt Piatt, COO and CFO of Ohio Transmission Corporation. “They have carved an excellent market position for themselves by providing exceptional customer service and superior engineering support to their customers over the years, and they have some unique capabilities to design and manufacture complete fluid-handling systems. The addition of Furey Filter & Pump and PSI Engineering to the OTC family will provide even better service and greater capabilities to all of our customers.”

The company will become a division of OTP Industrial Solutions, which provides technical sales and service for industrial automation, motion control, fluid power, pumps, spray finishing, sealant and adhesive application and power transmission systems and products. Furey Filter & Pump and PSI Engineering will continue to operate under their current names and with current management, including George Furey, president, and Jack Furey, vice president, who will both remain with the organization.

“Furey Filter & Pump and PSI Engineering will become an important part of our pump, filtration, service and fabrication business,” said Rob Webb, President of OTP Industrial Solutions. “I know that our shared commitment to providing customers with exceptional customer service, innovative solutions, products and service will make for a successful partnership.”

Becoming part of OTP Industrial Solutions will offer growth opportunities for Furey and PSI employees, customers and suppliers, according to George Furey.

“We strive to safely deliver quality products, engineering expertise and technical support as well as repair and field services to the market,” Furey said. “OTC provides resources that will enhance our ability to deliver those objectives. Our employees will also benefit from training and growth opportunities as well as the availability of marketing and sales tools for customer and project recognition. Ultimately, our customers will benefit from OTC’s commitment to providing the products and services that the customers need when they need them.”

With this acquisition, Ohio Transmission Corporation now has 37 locations throughout the South, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast regions, along with 18 service shops. The addition of Furey Filter & Pump and PSI Engineering associates expands Ohio Transmission Corporation’s existing workforce to nearly 1,000 employees.

To learn more about Furey Filter & Pump, visit the company website: For more information about PSI Engineering, go to:

SIHI ZTN Pump from Flowserve a “No Brainer” for Cost-Effectiveness and Reliability

sihi ztn pump
A Missouri-based manufacturing plant was searching for a more cost-effective method of pumping therminol oil — which often reaches temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit — without having to purchase a costly mechanical seal or labor intensive maintenance.

Since repairing the mechanical seal would cost the same as purchasing a new pump, IPEG, which offers a wide selection of pumps from industry leading manufacturers, recommended that the manufacturer switch to a SIHI ZTN industrial process pump from Flowserve. Designed with operational safety, environmental concern and long-term reliability in mind, Flowserve’s SIHI ZTN pump is ideal for applications that require high temperature thermal oil. While running the pump, the customer also enjoys:

  • Guaranteed efficiency with closed impellers
  • High efficiency and low power with advanced fluid dynamic design
  • Low NPSH due to high-quality impeller and suction profile
  • Enhanced seal life with heat dissipation

By purchasing a new industrial process pump — rather than replacing the mechanical seal on the old pump — the manufacturer avoided having to pay out-of-pocket for costly mechanical seal repair and maintenance. These savings enabled them to purchase a spare pump to reduce downtime during plant maintenance.

“It was a no-brainer when the cost of the SIHI was about the same price as a new double mechanical seal,” said a representative of the manufacturing plant. Since installation, the customer’s new and improved industrial process pump has helped the manufacturer improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

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Ohio Transmission Corporation acquires Grand Rapids company

Acquisition of Filter and Coating Technology, Inc., enhances industrial finishing and sealant/adhesive capabilities

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Feb. 11, 2019 — Ohio Transmission Corporation, an industrial equipment service provider and distributor headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, today announced the acquisition of Filter and Coating Technology, Inc., an industrial distributor of finishing, dispense solutions, and filtration products with 21 associates in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Founded in 1984, Filter and Coating Technology, Inc. (FACT) represents a complete range of manufacturers in finishing, dispense and filtration. The company specializes in supplying a wide array of innovative solutions in paint, finishing, adhesives and coating operations, and serves customers primarily in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

“FACT has been a well-respected competitor in our markets for more than 30 years,” said Matt Piatt, COO and CFO of Ohio Transmission Corporation. “They have only continued to improve their market position by providing exceptional service to customers over the years. The addition of FACT to the OTC family will provide even better service and greater capabilities to all of our customers.”

The company will become a division of OTP Industrial Solutions, which provides technical sales and service for industrial automation, motion control, fluid power, pumps, spray finishing, sealant and adhesive application and power transmission systems and products. FACT will continue to operate under its name and with current local management, including Steve Workman, President, who will remain with and continue to lead the team.

“FACT will become an important part of our rapidly growing finishing, dispense and filtration business” said Rob Webb, President of OTP Industrial Solutions. “I know that our shared commitment to providing our customers with exceptional customer service, innovative solutions, products and service will make for a successful partnership.”

Becoming part of OTP Industrial Solutions will offer growth opportunities for FACT employees, customers and suppliers, according to Workman.

“Becoming part of OTP Industrial Solutions provides additional engineering, installation capabilities and additional products that will enable us to further our customers’ success,” Workman said. “At FACT, we are committed to our customers and suppliers, and we share in OTP’s core values of integrity, achievement, investment, and balance. Those shared values and the innovative solutions and products we can bring to the marketplace will make FACT a better company.”

With this acquisition, Ohio Transmission Corporation now has 37 locations throughout the South, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast regions, along with 16 service shops. The addition of FACT’s associates expands Ohio Transmission Corporation’s existing workforce of more than 900 employees.

To learn more about FACT, visit the company website:

IPEG, a Premier Viking Pump Distributor, Offers Pump Solutions to Your Unique Pumping Needs

Viking pumps
When searching for a solution to your unique industrial pumping needs, not just any product will do. Instead, turn to IPEG, a leading Viking Pump distributor, for dependable, fully customizable industrial pumping technology that meets even the most advanced and challenging demands.

IPEG delivers only world-class products, service and support from top manufacturers, such as Viking Pumps, a leader in positive displacement pumping, with products that are uniquely designed for the task at hand.

Internal Gear Pumps

IPEG stocks a wide range of reliable and easily maintainable Viking internal gear pumps, including universal and motor speed pumps, in a variety of materials, designs and displacements that offer adjustable end clearance to enable handling viscosities from anywhere between 28 and two million SSU. Viking internal gear pumps are also available in several shaft seal and porting options and offer minimal pulsation for accurate flow measurement. As the inventor of the internal gear pumping principle, Viking offers superior positive displacement pump solutions for countless manufacturing processes within a broad spectrum of industries, including military, food and beverage, chemical, fuels and plastics.

External Gear Pumps

For high-pressure pumping, IPEG also proudly offers a comprehensive selection of Viking external gear pumps, including spur gear and liquid specific pumps. Manufactured with dependability in mind, external gear pumps from Viking are available in a wide range of models, sizes and compositions for a fully customizable solution to your unique pumping needs. The motor speed operation eliminates the cost of a speed reducer, as well as lubrication, since no external axial or radial bearing is required. Viking external gear pumps from IPEG offer higher pressure capabilities, multi-section pumps and  several shaft seal options. Viking external gear pumps are the ultimate solution, providing shaft support on both sides of the gears and minimal pulsation.

Rotary Vane Pumps

As a top Viking distributor, IPEG offers rotary vane pumps that use compact and powerful pumping technology. Viking rotary vane pumps are designed to deliver innovative pumping solutions. Compared to other products on the market today, Viking rotary vane pumps provide higher pressure on thin liquids, superior suction, faster vane replacement and minimal pulsation.


IPEG also offers its customers Viking pump accessories that help to simplify installation, extend product life cycle and increase reliability. As a premier Viking distributor, IPEG provides installation of all Viking parts kits, motors, reducers and strainers, which are specifically designed to meet Viking product performance expectations and tested to ensure optimum reliability.

Viking Pump Repair

As part of our commitment to superior customer service far beyond the sale, IPEG provides repair services for all Viking pumping solutions, including repair parts and repair kits, as well as full-service pump repair. IPEG service technicians and field sales engineers are fully trained to diagnose industrial equipment solutions and resolve issues on-site to minimize plant downtime and to allow you to focus on what’s important — your business.

At IPEG, we are committed to delivering leading pump solutions from top manufacturers, including Viking, for a comprehensive list of industries and applications. Contact the experts at IPEG today for all of your pumping technology needs.

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St. Louis Area Hospital Depends on Reliable Grundfos Pumps for Surgery

Grundfos Pumps
A nationally recognized, St. Louis, Missouri, area hospital was experiencing costly interruptions in its operations caused by the frequent replacement of mechanical seals and bearings on a pump used during surgery. The hospital’s old end-suction pump required seal and bearing replacements one to two times a year, and each replacement would take up to four to six hours.

Frustrated, the hospital turned to IPEG for a more reliable, cost-effective solution. With high performance and sustainability in mind, IPEG replaced the existing pump with a Grundfos vertical multi-stage pump. In addition to guaranteed dependability, IPEG recommended the Grundfos pump because it allowed for greater efficiency and functionality, which ultimately helped to save the hospital’s maintenance team time and stress, as well as the high cost of labor and materials.

In addition to replacing the pump, IPEG designed and fabricated piping and a customized a pump stand to allow for easy installation of the new Grundfos pump. Since the 2012 installation, the Grundfos pump has not required any extensive repairs or mechanical seal replacement, reducing downtime by 100 percent year over year for the past six years.

Hospital officials were so pleased with the results that they decided to purchase another Grundfos pump to bring the backup end-suction pump up to the same standards, eliminating expensive and time-consuming biannual seal and bearing replacements.

Since replacing its unreliable and costly pump with a dependable Grundfos pump, the hospital’s operations have remained uninterrupted.

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Turn to IPEG, a Leading SMC Distributor, for Your Motion Control Products

SMC products
When a motion control need arises, you can depend on the product experts at IPEG, a premier SMC distributor, to find a reliable solution — fast. As a leader in motion control technology, IPEG delivers world-class products, service and support to allow their customers to focus on what’s important — their business.

IPEG’s commitment to quality means that we carry only the best products from top manufacturers, such as SMC, to suit your specific application and unique need.


IPEG stocks a wide range of durable and reliable SMC actuators that are fully customized for all major industries. Manufactured to deliver precision performance, all SMC actuators offered by IPEG are available with a wide range of bore sizes, automatic switch capabilities and various mounting configurations.

  • Linear Actuators
  • Guided Actuators
  • Grippers
  • Rotary Actuators
  • Rodless Actuators
  • Clamps
  • Specialty Actuators
  • Actuator Accessories

Fluid Process

IPEG also proudly offers an extensive inventory of SMC media valves for all fluid process applications. Their innovative design guarantees durability, with double the service life of other media valves on the market. The compact dimensions of SMC media valves make them an easy replacement valve, reducing downtime and minimizing maintenance costs, while the built-in wave rectifier yields quiet operation. IPEG offers a variety of SMC media valves:

  • Solenoid Control Valves
  • Process Control Solenoid Valves
  • Direct Air and Solenoid Operated 2 and 3 Port Valves
  • Valves Coolant
  • Valves Dust Collector
  • Valves Color Change
  • Special Application Valves
  • Process Pumps
  • Industrial Filters
  • Water Equipment

Airline Equipment

SMC’s airline equipment is also available for a range of motion control processes. As a top SMC distributor, IPEG offers pneumatic preparation products, such as pressure regulators, air filters and silencers, that deliver clean, dry air and in many variations and sizes to suit the broadest range of applications. They also feature one-touch and uni-thread fitting technology, which means that SMC airline equipment is optimized to reduce time spent installing air fittings and pneumatic flow controls.

  • Combination Units
  • Filters
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Lubricators
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Blow Guns & Air Nozzles
  • Silencers & Exhaust Cleaners
  • Soft Start Up Valve
  • Shut Off Valves


IPEG is your single source option for pneumatic fitting, tubing and air cylinder speed control products, and as a leading SMC distributor, IPEG offers the full-line of SMC connectors. Designed and manufactured with durability in mind, SMC connectors offered by IPEG are available in multiple colors, sizes and materials:

  • Fittings
  • Speed Controllers
  • Tubing
  • Manifolds
  • Quick Couplers
  • Check Valve
  • Accessories (Tube Cutters, Tube Stands, Reels, etc.)

Vacuum Products

IPEG also stocks SMC vacuum instrumentation solutions that allow for the broadest use of technology and performance to meet all of your motion control application and design needs. SMC vacuum technology is modular, making it a convenient option for customers searching for specific products unique to their application. SMC vacuum products are suitable for applications within a wide array of industries, including manufacturing, packaging, assembly and material handling:

  • Suction Cups
  • Vacuum Generators
  • Vacuum Filters
  • Vacuum Switches
  • Vacuum Regulators
  • Vacuum Saving Valve
  • Air Conveyor

At IPEG, we offer only the best of the best products from leading manufacturers, such as SMC, for a full range of applications. Contact the experts at IPEG today for all of your motion control product needs.

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Moving Water with Grundfos Pumps and IPEG

 Grundfos Pumps
IPEG continues its long-standing tradition of providing an excellent range of quality industrial products with Grundfos Pumps. Customers can expect innovation, reliability and outstanding design with the equipment that IPEG offers because we partner only with superior manufacturers — manufacturers that are researched, tested and vetted by our knowledgeable technical experts.

Grundfos Pumps is a developer of world water solutions, setting the industry standards for efficiency, reliability and sustainability. They have helped millions of customers move water where it needs to go. From delivering high-quality water for industrial processes or moving H2O up and down the tallest skyscrapers to treating and removing wastewater and bringing heating and cooling comfort to the masses, Grundfos Pumps are used in a variety of broad real-world applications due to the manufacturer’s dedication to design and customer service.

Grundfos features many pump designs:

  • Booster Pumps
  • Circulator Pumps
  • Dosing Pumps
  • End Suction Pumps
  • Immersible Pumps
  • In-Line Pumps
  • Sewage Pump Systems
  • Split Case Pumps
  • Submersible Well Pumps
  • Vertical Turbine Pumps
  • Pump Controls & Monitoring
  • Pumping Systems
  • Engineered Pump Systems
  • Pump Accessories

Adding Value Through Application Excellence

Improving water and energy efficiency for the greater good is at the heart of the products that Grundfos Pumps offers. Grundfos makes pumps that are perfect for a variety of applications, such as heating and cooling, pressure boosting groundwater and domestic water supply, wastewater, dosing and disinfection, fire protection, solar water solutions, and drinking water distribution. Other notable applications include:

  • Industrial Pump and Pump System Solutions

Grundfos Pumps can provide a comprehensive range of optimized industrial pumps through its legacy brands. Grundfos is an industry leader due to its ability to offer one of the broadest pump lines for process and industrial applications, supported by factory-trained stocking distributors and worldwide inventories. Grundfos has process pumping solution applications for the chemical, automotive, mining, oil and gas, and food and beverage industries. The BoosterpaQ industrial system pump, the SP submersible well pump, and the Morris 6100 and 7100 series industrial sewage pumps are infallible examples of Grundfos pumps that work hard in an industrial capacity.

  • Pump and Pump System Solutions for Municipal and Water Utility Applications

Grundfos is at the forefront of promoting and facilitating energy efficiency and sustainable technology by supplying a full line of equipment and solutions designed specifically for municipal and water utility applications. Grundfos Pumps ensure that water supply and wastewater facilities meet all challenges and regulations.  The Grundfos Municipal Community Booster Station offers comprehensive site specific engineered-to-order solutions for Water Utility/Municipal Community Booster Systems. The CR/CRE In-line pumps, and VLC/VLSC Pumps with CUE variable frequency drive and control are excellent options for water distribution and water treatment.

  • Pump and Pump System Solutions for Commercial Buildings

A leading supplier of full-range pump commercial building solutions, Grundfos Pumps can help with numerous applications — from heating and cooling to  pressure boosting — and every application in between. Grundfos makes systems fast and efficient with customizable solutions that boost performance and reduce energy consumption. The BMS Booster pump, the ALPHA 2 Circulator and Peerless FC end suction pump are choices that can help meet and exceed goals.

Problem Solved

At IPEG, no matter what your application, we connect our clients to the highest-grade products that solve issues and improve performance and efficiency. Teaming up with pump manufacturers like Grundfos is only the beginning. Put our expert knowledge to work for you so we can customize a system to provide the right solution to meet your application needs.

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Innovation Comes Calling with Wilden Pumps and IPEG

wilden pumps
IPEG prides itself on offering a broad range of quality industrial products to its customers. Wilden Pumps is a perfect example of an IPEG vendor that produces a hard-working and well-designed pump.

Once Wilden Pump & Engineering Company opened its doors in 1955, they introduced the world to innovative pump technology. Wilden Pumps invented the Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pump, an alternative to centrifugal pumps. AODD pumps are seal-less and allow for the positive displacement of fluids.

As a pioneer of new technology, Wilden has an advantage over all other AODD pump providers — a 63-year history of knowledge, design and the groundwork in place to solve the toughest of pumping application issues. This pump manufacturer has found ways to increase efficiency, cut energy costs, move highly abrasive product and deliver unparalleled reliability.

Application Solutions

Wilden Pumps’ unique design of AODD pumps features an air-operated double diaphragm that can transfer thick fluids without issue. Sludges or slurries with a large amount of grit and solid content are no match for the AODD pump’s suction-lift characteristics. Wilden’s pumps fit the needs of chemical, paint and coating, mining, oil and gas, water and wastewater, liquid terminals, process, semiconductor, food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications. The inventive construction makes these pumps an industry top choice for the transfer of highly viscous liquids.

The Wilden V2550 Velocity Series, for example, is a plastic pump with a unique design featuring a detachable mounting foot. The pump can be reoriented from a vertical to horizontal position because it has multiple inlet and discharge port options. With this feature, it can fit perfectly into constrained spaces, and — with only two moving parts — it’s guaranteed for long-term reliability.

The latest of Wilden’s pump advancements is the Wilden® Pro-Flo® SHIFT (PS) premium air distribution system (ADS). The Pro-Flo SHIFT simple design has won multiple awards for energy savings, performance and efficiency. An air-control spool automatically optimizes air consumption and eliminates overcharging of the air chamber with no reduction in flow rate. Early adapters have found that Pro-Flow SHIFT delivers:

  • A 60% savings in air consumption
  • More yield per SCFM versus competitive AODD pumps
  • 50% lower costs than electronically actuated ADS
  • Less downtime, simplified maintenance and fewer operating parts
  • Single-point exhaust options
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • No electronic or submersible parts

Wilden’s quality products are geared toward specific applications:

  • Sanitary and Hygienic
    Wilden’s hygienic, sanitary and biopharmaceutical AODD pumps have safety standards in mind and can efficiently pump a wide range of viscosities, solids and shear-sensitive products.
  • Electronic Control 
    The Accu-Flo™ Air Distribution System (ADS), for use on AODD pumps, is perfect for exacting applications like batching.
  • Utility
    The durable Wilden® Turbo-Flo™ Air Distribution System (ADS) is known for longevity and stress-free serviceability.
  • High Pressure
    When transferring viscous, solid-laden slurries at high discharge pressures, the Wilden High Pressure Series of AODD pumps are a dependable option.
  • Mining
    Rugged mining applications are no match for the Wilden Stallion® model of clamped AODD pumps. They are ideally suited to handle solid-laden mining slurries with simplicity.
  • Large Solids Passage
    Large solids can cause clogging with ordinary pumps, but not with the Wilden and Brahma™ AODD Pump. Their large internal clearance and flow-through design result in the capacity needed to prevent obstructions.
  • Natural Gas Operated
    Wilden offers CSA-certified GPS and GPX Natural Gas-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps in 13 mm (1/2”) to 76 mm (3”) sizes in aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Oil and Gas
    Meeting the strict requirements for fuel transfer applications, Wilden UL pumps are certified to UL 79 standards and can be used when dispensing gas products, fuels, petroleum or any other lubricating applications.

Operate at Full Potential

At IPEG, we connect our customers with the word-class products and pride ourselves on bringing high-quality solutions to the industrial, commercial, sanitary and municipal manufacturing sectors. Let our expert knowledge help you make the right decisions and exceed performance necessities.

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NSK Bearings Distributor, IPEG, Is a Premier Motion and Control Supplier

How does a company like IPEG become a premier motion and control supplier? The first step is ensuring our team is factory trained, so that our expert staff can provide outstanding product support. The second step is listening to the customer. IPEG delivers solutions that meet and exceed expectations by paying attention to application demands. The third step is teaming up with world-class vendors. IPEG carries a solid line of motion control products from only the highest-quality global providers, such as NSK, that guarantee quality.

Remarkable Bearing Superiority

As a global manufacturer of bearings, NSK produces more than 35,000 different types of ball bearings and roller bearings. NSK is a leader in ball bearing innovation and continuously works to improve and develop products.

NSK ball bearings

NSK manufactures ball and roller bearings, linear motion components and automotive products:

  • Ball Bearings: Known for exceptional quality, NSK ball bearings are built with high quality steel, advanced grease technology and a multitude of options such as patented seals, cage materials, high accuracy and low noise features.
    • Deep Groove Ball Bearings
    • Single & Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings
    • Self-Aligning Ball Bearings
    • Thrust Ball Bearings
    • Super Precision Ball Bearings
    • SPACEA Ball Bearings
  • Roller Bearings: NSK sets the standard for reliability, durability and performance with a broad selection of roller bearings. Product line options include high-speed, high rigidity, low noise and low heat generation features. Many bearings are built to withstand the most grueling environments and can support a wide range of axial, radial and thrust loads.
    • Spherical Roller Bearings
    • Cylindrical Roller Bearings
    • Super Precision Roller Bearings
    • Taper Roller Bearings
    • Thrust Roller Bearings
    • Needle Roller Bearings
  • NSK Bearing Unit Bearing Units: NSK offers plummer blocks with a variety of end covers and mounted units in a variety of locking methods — all built with a variety of sealing options designed to meet the needs of a wide range of operating environments.
    • Plummer Blocks
    • Mounted Units and Accessories
  • Linear Components: A world leader in motion control, NSK delivers an all-inclusive line of linear components for a diverse range of industries and applications. Whether you need quiet, high-speed performance; large load capacity; extreme accuracy; or long-life, compact components — NSK has the right part for the job.
    • Linear Guides
    • Ball Screws
    • Linear Actuators
    • Direct Drive Megatorque Motors
    • Robot Modules
    • Linear Motion Accessories
  • NSK Manual Steering Column Automotive Products: NSK offers a comprehensive line of bearings for use in automotive products with features such as long life, low-torque, compact and energy absorption bearings and diverse applications:
    • Wheel Hub Unit
    • Automotive Transmission
    • Manual Transmission
    • Differential Gear and Propeller Shaft
    • Compressor, Motor and Alternator
    • Engine Parts
    • Electric Power Steering
    • Manual Steering Columns
    • Joints and Shafts
    • Hybrid Vehicles (HEV)
    • Electric Vehicles (EV)

Reliability, durability and performance standards are set to a new level with NSK products. Quality is always placed first from the manufacturing processes to installation practices. Increased execution and dependability are the only outcomes that are acceptable. To assure that you have authentic NSK bearings, always purchase through an authorized channel like IPEG.

More Than Just Bearings

Success is only attainable when you have the right team looking after the best interests of a company. The equipment is important, but so is a knowledgeable staff of service engineers and industry specialists. At IPEG, we are always working hard to find the solution to the performance issues businesses experience. Put our expertise to work. How can we help your company achieve and surpass operating expectations?

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IPEG’s Creative Solution Cleans Up Chocolate Catastrophe

viking pump
A leading chocolate manufacturer was experiencing a messy problem and turned to IPEG for an innovative and creative solution.

A pump with a packed stuffing box was being used to handle chocolate, and the chocolate continuously leaked causing a daily housekeeping mess. After IPEG introduced new technology to improve the way manufacturers process chocolate, the company decided to implement IPEG’s innovative idea.

Working with vendor-partner Viking Pump, IPEG identified the difficulty as a sealing issue and developed an O-Ring seal stuffing box specifically designed for chocolate applications. IPEG and Viking Pump worked with the customer, using their plant as a test site to run the problem-solving solution — a Viking Pump Model KK124A that was modified to accept a customized O-Ring seal stuffing box bushing assembly.

After the pump had run continuously 24/7 for nine months, the manufacturer, IPEG and Viking Pump were satisfied to discover that with minimal maintenance (greasing the stuffing box once every two weeks), not a single drop of chocolate came in contact with the floor. The creative, innovative O-Ring seal stuffing box has made the chocolate company mess free.

How can IPEG customize a solution for you? Request a quote and let us fabricate an innovative application for solving your problem today.

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